Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Strawberry Kiwi Tuesday

Well here I am (again).  I abandoned my last blog this past May and I’m sorry!  But hey!  I was learning a whole new way of life (or so it seemed to me)…I was adjusting to life in the country after a move, becoming a full time SAHM and housewife, and the list goes on.  I’m not here to make excuses for my severe neglect, but those are the reasons I haven’t been around.  I’ve been back in the (business) work field since September in order to pay off some debt quicker…and now that I’m not at home all day, I have extra free time on my hands (haha)!

I don’t really have any exact goals or reasons for this new blog.  I’m not going to label it as my “weight loss blog” or my “crafty blog” or anything else like that.  I just want it to be about life, my life.  Yesterday I read back through my old blog posts and really enjoyed remembering the fun days as well as seeing how far I’ve come in some areas.  I want this blog to capture my life as it comes.  I want to post about photo shoots I try, crafty things I do, family news and fun, and so on.

I won’t attempt to catch up on the past 9 months…it wasn’t anything overly eventful anyway.  I will just pick up where I am now.

Right now, I’m at work.  At a bank.  (Again).  I don’t love my job, but I’m glad to have one.  I am thankful God provided me with a good work environment and even someone to carpool with.  I am here because of poor decisions Jason and I have made—I’m here to help pay off some debt so I can eventually be back at home with my little girl!  (O:

We have a Biggest Loser contest running at work right now.  Somehow, I volunteered to organize it (shocker, I know).  There are 4 weeks left in the 10-week contest.  So far I’m down 13 pounds!  I can’t begin to explain how excited I am about this.  I’ve never been a good weight-loss-loser and here I am, safety pinning my pants so the don’t fall to the ground, zipping up my tall boots with no extra effort, enjoying my bi-weekly workouts with a group of ladies in town…the list goes on!  I can actually say that I am LOOKING FORWARD to Spring so I can start RUNNING again!  How crazy is that??

My goal for this contest is to lose 20 pounds.  So far I’ve kept up an average loss of 2 pound per week.  This is when it starts getting tricky.  I cannot allow myself to start slipping back into old bad habits.  I need to stay strong, eating fresh fruits and veggies, smaller portions and exercising. 

The flu/winter illness has had my family down and out for almost two weeks…I would have rather us all been sick at the same time, so we would be done with this by now.  But, this was not the case.  Not only did we get it one by one, it continues to drag on.  No one feels super and the scale is showing it.  I got the kick in the pants I needed this morning when, for the first time since the contest began, I GAINED…only 0.2 pounds, but it’s still a gain.  That should have been a loss, and bigger than only 0.2.  It’s time to get back to it, even if I don’t feel like it.  I started today off right with my morning slim fast.  Don’t judge me- they are actually very tasty and more convenient than a bowl of cereal on work mornings.  They are about the same amount of calories and I feel like I’m getting a morning milkshake!  (O:  I have also had a bowl of fresh strawberries and kiwi, purchased on my way to work.  Yay fresh fruit!  My SmartOne is in the freezer and my lunch bag is packed with more fresh goodies.

I guess that is all for now…since I am starting to ramble.  I will get back in the groove of writing on this blog purposefully, I promise.