Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Apartment Tour :: Living Room

I am sure some of you might be wondering what our Saipan home looks like.  Today, I am going to show you around our living room.  With such a small apartment, things tend to get cluttered pretty quickly.  So, I intend to photograph a different room/area each time and continue to show you around our home!

Walking in our front door, we are standing in the kitchen.  That is where I am standing for this first photo...I left the kitchen out of the pic because that area is always the most cluttered.  You can see a bit of our dining area, which is just past the kitchen, as we walk towards the living room.
If we are home, the front and back doors are always open to pull air through the house.  At least one or more box fans are running at all times too.  There is an AC (called AirCon here) unit above the window, but we rarely run it due to high electricity costs.  We do not get much natural light through the house because we leave the storm shutters closed and locked most of the time.

Here is a closer view of our "seating area" (haha).
The futons are a rough, black fabric.  Thankfully, the couple who lived here before us, left a couple sheet sets for us.  So, we used the plain teal to cover the couch and one chair and used my Saipan Quilt over the other chair for now.  My mom is going to sew better covers for us...as soon as I get her the measurements, that is.  We ordered a white sheer curtain from Walmart and put one of the other sheets left for us behind it for a little added color.  (We really lucked out how the quilt and sheets all coordinate!)  The cross wall hanging is something we picked up at GBIM's Mission & Ministry conference the week before we left.  It is a hand-painted cross with Joshua 24:15 written in Chinese.  You can also see a little peek of our favorite rug!  There is a market every Saturday and we found a lovely Filipina lady who makes the comfiest rugs out of jersey cotton.  We are going to special order 2 to go with our color scheme and will either gift the Saipan one or move it somewhere else in the house.  (The best part- it was only $6!)

Here is a view from the couch(ish).  The TV stand came with the apartment and we ordered the bookshelves from Walmart.  (I am SO glad Walmart ships here- it has helped us make this apartment feel like a home at a reasonable price!)
I found an awesome deal on the baby swing pictured, very lucky find!!  (O:

So, that's that.  This is our living room.  We spend lots of time hanging out here and I love how it finally feels like "ours".  Stay tuned for the next area of our home...hopefully soon! ;-)


  1. The blue looks soooo island-ish I love it. Very caribbean! Looks good lady!