Thursday, June 23, 2011

Catch Up (again)...

Man!  I am just really no good at keeping a blog.  What is my deal??  I have so many things I could be posting on here, but just never do.  Then, I have down time and have to refrain from posting about EVERYthing all at once.  I will try to stick to one theme for right now...let's go with photography.

I have been dabbling a little in photography lately.  I really love it.  I love capturing moments of my friends and family.  I have always been a "picture person" and have ALWAYS had a camera with me...since probably Junior High.  But, it wasn't until recently I started attempting to learn the difference between snapshots and photography.  I still have lots to learn, but I am really enjoying the process!  I'm encouraged by other photographers than have been able to grow their business enough to quit their "other jobs".  For now, it's just a part time hobby and I'm usually asking friends to borrow their kids.  But their kids are adorable, so it's really to my benefit! (O:

My biggest "client" has definitely been my friend Margo and her darling boy, Daniel.  I first approached her about doing some maternity shots, for practice.  Since then, I have also done Daniel's 3 month and 6 month pictures.  I really am enjoying watching Daniel grow up before my lens and I love that it makes sure we get together at least once every couple months!

Here are some of my favorites from each session.  I think I can tell even how I've improved from one session to the next.  (Maybe that's just me!)

Margo's Baby Bump

Daniel - 3 Months

Daniel - 6 Months

Next on my "Photography" plate is LeeAnn's maternity shoot next weekend.  I'm looking forward to watching her new little girl grow like I've had the joy of watching Daniel grow.  Stay tuned...maybe one day I will even come up with a business name! ;-)


  1. I'm catching up on your blog and am enjoying reading it!! And I'm honored to be your biggest "client" and so incredibly thankful for you and your talent!!!

  2. Thanks friend!! I was just thinking about baby Daniel the other day and how I cannot believe we will be doing his 9 month photos NEXT MONTH! Where has the time gone??

  3. I'm excited for the next photo shoot! :)