Friday, June 24, 2011

What's in a Name...

Lately, I have been spending a substantial amount of time obsessing over a possible name for my photography "business"...I blame my husband. 

Jason mentioned several weeks ago that he found a business card company online where you can upload up to 50 of your personal images to be used on the backside of your business cards.  He suggested I put some together since I'm trying to break into the Photog world.  I told him before I would think about which pictures to choose, I needed to figure out a name.  The trend seems to be using one's first and last name, followed by "Photography".  How boring is that?  I understand (more fully now than ever before) that it is hard work to come up with a unique, interesting, catchy name that isn't already being used by 100's of other photographers, but still!  I don't want to be "Annie Warren Photography".  I want something with a story, or a meaning, or a SOMEthing.

My first thought was "Imago Dei Photography".  While I can't tell you exactly which language that is, I can tell you it was the driving point at a Beth Moore convention I attended a couple years ago.  It means "in the Image of God"- and that we want to reflect that image at all times.  I thought that would be a really awesome business name, because everything I shoot is something that was made in God's image.  Plus, how cool to be able to SHARE the meaning of my business name with anyone who asks!  My husband, being the voice of reason, talked me through and out of this name.  He was right (yes I said it), most people wouldn't know how to pronounce it and that would be confusing/annoying for them.  Sadly, I parted ways with my first choice name and began the trek to finding a new name I could love just as much.

Which brought me to the next issue.  My brain doesn't work in that way.  I apparently missed the creative genes required for inventing cool-catchy business names.  After several attemps/fails with Jason (his ideas were great, but many, Many people have already had them), I sought out new suggestions via Facebook.  I had some good ideas, and some others I politely 'thank you'd' and then forgot.  One friend threw several ideas out there and one really started my creative juices.

She mentioned the name "Heartsong".  While that really reminded me too much of Miley Cyrus and her movie The Last Song, I immediately thought of one of my favorite songs by my favorite band:  Lifesong by Casting Crowns.  I love the message of that song and I try to make it my daily prayer that my lifesong would sing to Christ.  I want to live each day for Him and I love how the lyrics of this song point us back to that.  I also love the imagery it creates- the moments we capture in a photograph truly are our lifesong.  The events/moments/things we chose to remember speak to our life and what we deem important.

(Side note: I wonder if CC has a copyright on that word...did they make it up??  I better google that later.)

I looked around on facebook and google to make sure the name wasn't already wildly popular.  Upon finding out it is surprisingly unpopular (did I just pick a stupid name??), I asked Jason what he thought of my newest idea.  He wasn't as ecstatic as I am, but he said he thinks it could work...with the "right catch phrase" so it will "make sense to people"...Oh Jason and his catch phrases.  I really think he just wants to put something on the bottom of my cards!  But, seeing as he is my biggest supporter and is waaay better at the creative lingo than I am, I will hear him out.

Anyway, stay tuned for the final decision for my photography business.  Maybe one day I will hand you a card! ;-)


  1. Um, LOVE the idea of Lifesong for the name. It's easy to remember & a great reflection of who you are.

  2. i like it lots too. and BTW, how did i not know that you continued blogging on another page? i still have your other blog on my blogroll- for shame!

  3. Haha, you can see, this blog is only marginally successful so far. But, I am determined to change that! LeeAnn's maternity post should be soon as well as daily life thoughts. ;-)