Wednesday, November 2, 2011

PDLB: Car Caddy!

I was really excited when I came across THIS awesome pin for a Car Caddy.  My nephew turns 2 this month and is really into playing with cars.  I mean, this is the kid you cannot get to sit still for Any.Thing, but he will lay on his little belly forever pushing his cars around on the floor.  I think this will be perfect for him- during church, at a restaurant, etc.  I hope he likes it as much as I do! (O:

Homemade by Jill is just an absolutely fantastic blog- she is SO creative and shares all her great ideas for free!  I knew when I saw this tutorial was by her, I would be in good hands.  I decided to use duck cloth for the inside and outside instead of jeans, but it turned out just as great.  I might suggest making the yellow dashes just a little bit wider...I had trouble sewing them on securely.

The only thing I really feel like I want to note (everything else can be found on her tutorial post, it's described perfectly!), is how to use piping around edges.  This was my first piping experience, and she is probably a pro at it.  That is probably why she didn't elaborate on how to do it...but, after a quick call to my sister, I had it all figured out.  So, just in case you are like me and have no idea...see the picture below for how to get around those pesky little edges.  (O:

Snip a few small cuts around the edge to help guide the piping in the right direction.  Pin securely into place.

I opted to keep Law's car caddy a little more simple, no paint and no applique.  That way he can continue using it for years, without any parts of it seeming too "baby" at any given point.  (For the record, I love the car applique and it might have been more laziness than anything that kept me from decorating further.  But also, his parents don't always like that type of thing.  So I knew I couldn't go wrong with classic colors.)

It is such a fun feeling to mark things off the "To Pin" list!!  Even more exciting is being able to hand make gifts for my loved ones.  There is something so sweet and special about it.  (O:

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  1. Jude would love something like this. I may have to try it! Very cute!