Friday, March 2, 2012

On the road again

After attending our home church for the past three weeks, we are headed back out on the road this weekend.  Our director at General Baptist International Missions (GBIM), Sam has the next 5 Sundays scheduled all over IL and MO, and is working on the following weeks already.  Most weeks we are presenting at one church in the AM and another in the PM.  It is excited to see things line up and come together.

This weekend we are headed down around the Cape Girardeau area, about 2-2.5 hours from home.  Luckily, we have a relative that lives in Cape and she is hosting us overnight on Saturday and between visits on Sunday.  It will great to have a familiar face while away, and I'm super excited that we will have a decent place for Emilia to (hopefully) nap after morning church on Sunday.

The church we are visiting on Sunday morning has two services, which is a new first for us.  Jason has been given only 5-6 minutes to speak at each service.  This will be somewhat of a challenge- to show the passion we have, the need of the people on Saipan and move people to support- but luckily Jason is ready for it.  The leadership training he was at recently spent a lot of time teaching how to compact stories and presentations for the most impact.  J already knows exactly what he is going to say and knows he won't go over his alloted time.  That afternoon, at 3:00, I think, we are attending the Southern Missouri Local Association Meeting.  I think 3-6 is the business part of the meeting, which we will sit in on.  Then at 6:30 a worship service begins and Jason has been given 15-20 minutes to speak.  The awesome part about this meeting is that it will have members of all the local GB churches.  So we can reach that many more people all at one place and time.  Each visit will also include a Love Offering, from which we are raising the money we need in order to travel to Saipan, ship items over, etc.  So far, everyone has been very generous in their support and I look forward to adding more members to our Support Team.

One other thing I am excited about regarding this trip is eating at LAMBERTS!!  (O:  I had never been to this restaurant before meeting Jason's family and now I'm hooked.  Anytime I think we are close enough to stop, I beg.  Haha.  Yummy home-style cooking (we don't count calories on Lamberts visits...), rolls being thrown and a drink in one of those Huge 32oz travel mugs.  Even though mine will not hold Sweet Tea as it has in the past, I love the big jugs.  Ice water 32oz at a time will be lovely...right? ;-)

The part that makes me a little tired is thinking about the drive home after our Sunday evening church visit...and waking up for work on Monday morning.  I am very blessed to have a job that allows me to work any hours I want as long as I hit 40 by the end of the week.  I usually work 7-4, which means leaving my house by 6:20 and waking up by 5:30.  Hopefully I can sleep on the drive home.

I know God's plan is perfect and that He will continue to bless these visits as He has so far.  I am slowly letting go of my worry and sinful doubt.  I like to see the big picture, and I am learning to be content with the parts God shows me as we go.  We will get to Saipan, this I know.  I trust Him and I do not need to see all the dots line up right now.  God is in control and I am just happy to be doing His will!

Have a wonderful day! (O:

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  1. Sounds like a busy yet exciting weekend! Oh, and lucky girl!!! :-)