Thursday, March 29, 2012

Small Style :: Time to Twirl!

The other night, I came home from work and asked Emilia if she wanted to play outside with me for a while.  (I cannot get enough of this awesome extended Spring we are having!)  She quickly jumped up, excited about the idea, but said she needed to change her clothes first- oh the drama. Already.  She went through 3, count them Three, shirts before settling on her "Rosetta Dress"  (There are many items in our house that are dubbed "Rosetta" something-or-other.  Rosetta is her favorite of Tinkerbell's fairy friends because she is the one who wears pink.  So most pink things are "Rosetta" this or that.)
Do you want to know why the first few shirts didn't make the cut?  They did not Twirl enough.  From the mouths of babes.  She knew exactly what she wanted and did not stop until she found it.  I love this whimsy part of her little personality.  She loves clothes that are "pretty", colorful, fun, and of course, twirly.  Paired with her favorite shoes (so glad I got them for roughly $4- they have been loved almost to pieces!), pink leggings and a pink paisley bow, we were ready to go!

Our little walk around the neighborhood was very enjoyable.  There were many stops along the way-

To look at the flowers that were similar to those Aunt Clare had picked for her last weekend:

 Not exactly roses, but we stopped to smell them all the same:
To take "Stair Breaks":
I love the way she sweetly crosses her legs anytime she is seated.  She has done this since she was itsy bitsy.  Such a little lady. ;-)

And "Grass Breaks":
And, of course, to play with rocks!:

*If this love of rock collecting continues, I am making her a shirt like Ross' sticker on the show FRIENDS-- "Geology Rocks"*  ;-)

We also raced along the sidewalks and ran away from bees.  I am so glad we took this little adventure- it was such an enjoyable way to come home from work.  (O:  (I apologize for the iPhone photos...I promise to dust off the "real" camera very soon!)

As Seen On Emilia:
Pink and Green Paisley Hairbow - handmade by me
Light Pink "Rosetta Dress" - Old Navy
Hot Pink Leggings - Gap, yard sale
Pink Floral "Rosetta Shoes" - Target clearance

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  1. She's just adorable! Stopping by from Small Style.

  2. Gorgeous! I have a little pink lover at my house too.

  3. Oh, yes, such a sweet little lady with her legs crossed!! I'm not looking forward to the day my daughter has an opinion on her clothes- so far, she lets me dress her the way I like!

  4. Hi Annie! Thanks so much for the comment on our blog! Saipan is an awesome place and we've loved making a home here for the last two years. We're not quite sure how much longer we will be in Saipan- my husband is applying for teaching jobs back in the states, so at this point we are just king of waiting to see what happens. When is your family arriving in Saipan- we would love to meet you guys! If you have any questions about Saipan, please feel free to ask :) Rachel

  5. Too cute! My daughter went to the grocery store with wings and a crown yesterday. Gotta love their fashion sense and style!