Thursday, August 23, 2012

You KnowYou've Started Adjusting to Saipan Life When...

--You no longer take a ice cold shower each and every day, just to cool off
--You can successfully plan the veggies for dinners based on what the Farmer's Market has to offer each week
--You only run ONE box fan until almost noon (down from 3...)
--You sweat less, or at least notice the sweat less
--You don't steal away into the bedroom while your daughter naps Every Day, just to soak up that 1.5 hours of Aircon
--You call A/C Aircon
--You prefer coconut tortilla bread with peanut butter to actual toast
--You start unplugging ALL appliances when they are not in use, to save on electricity
--You actually get somewhat dressed up for church and don't hate every minute of it
--You haven't cried in over two weeks
--Even your daughter has started asking for water instead of milk or juice (Praise Jesus!!)
--You finally start branching out in what you order when out to dinner
--You are actually getting things done around the house, despite the sweat
--You have more than 7 things to put on a list like this

1 comment:

  1. a very fun list! i am glad to hear that you are adjusting well!