Thursday, September 6, 2012

Update :: 33 Weeks!

I am very sorry for my lack of updates on both the Saipan and pregnancy fronts.  We are still working to make our new apartment into a home and playing with Emilia takes up a lot of time.  (O:

Would you like to know how things are going at 33 weeks?

*I only have 7 weeks to my due date-- WOW!  Time has flown by!

*Baby is roughly the size of a pineapple and growing every day.  I feel him moving all throughout the day and it is so sweet.

*I have only noticed 2 new "stretch dots", as I call them.  Nothing larger than a dot so far, for which I'm very glad.

*My weight is still in check.  In fact, at my check up last week, my doctor actually told me I needed to gain between 4-6 pounds between now and my due date.  Let me tell you- this is the *First* time in my life I have been told to Gain Weight!  His exact works: "Now is not the time to restrict what you eat".  How is that for awesome?  What's funny- I haven't been limiting myself at all since we've been here.  We definitely eat more fresh fruits and veggies daily, as well as drink much more water and walk quite a bit.  But, we also frequent the Shell Gas Station for $1 ice cream and snack on cookies, etc.

*I made it all the way to this week before any of my pre-preggo skirts/shorts/bottoms started getting a little tight.  Lucky for me, Saipan dress doesn't go much past athletic shorts and tanks.  I also have several skirts I made out of over-sized tee shirts.  They have been such a life saver out here!  They keep me from looking totally scrubby every day, but still moderately comfortable.

*Sleeping is becoming a chore.  Rolling from one side the other now involves practically sitting up and switching sides.  Any momma who has gone through pregnancy knows what I'm talking about.  Nothing horrible, but it is getting noticeably annoying.

*The two boxes of baby stuff we shipped from the mainland made it safe and sound last week, thank you Lord!  I have been busy finding places for all the onesies, burp cloths, cloth diapers, toys, etc.  I found a great deal on a baby swing on island and Jason's mom purchased a pack n play and baby care cart for us.  We plan to use the pack n play instead of a crib, to save room.  It fits nicely in our "sleeping room" and surprised me with a cute little giraffe design on it.

*I have asked my doctor all sorts of questions about the hospital care here on the island, as there are several issues currently circulating.  He has assured me that while some conditions are not ideal, I will be safe to deliver here.  There is no risk to me or the baby with a natural deliver, nor if I must have an emergency C-Section.  He did emphasize that the hospital is no where near the comforts of the mainland.  The beds in Labor and Delivery are, in his words, "archaic", but functional. I was also glad to hear that there are nearly no restrictions on how I may labor- as long as it isn't medically dangerous, I am free to walk the halls, use a birthing ball, or even "stand on my head", as my doctor said.  ;-)

*Another pregnancy side effect (haha) is an even worse memory than I cannot think of any other updates right now.

I'm not sure if there will be much else to update over the next few weeks, but if there is, I will do my best to post more timely!  I will also try to post an update belly picture soon.  (O:

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