Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Weekend Recap~

I decided to take the last 20 minutes of my lunch hour to talk about how great my weekend was...I need to remind myself of happy things to keep from walking out of here right now.  (Bad day, but nothing worth getting into).

I was so excited to tell people we had NO plans for this weekend.  I repeat, N.O. plans!  It rarely happens, and it's always a wonderful thing...not having any place we Have to be, any people we Have to meet, we are just free to come and go as we please, eat-nap-play-repeat.  (O:

Friday was a very lazy evening.  Jason made dinner and we (!!) actually ate together at the table!  This might seem ridiculous and irresponsible to you, but our family doesn't sit and eat dinner at our dining room table.  We eat on the couch and Emilia in her high chair, or at the coffee table.  This is how Jason's family eats every meal, and it's a bad habit I have been working to break our entire life.  It was so nice to sit and chat with my hubs and baby girl.  We asked Emilia about her day and listened to her funny combinations of words.  After dinner, we watched movies, kissed and tickled Emilia.  It was a good night of nothing important.

Saturday, we all slept in!  I L-O-V-E days when I don't have to set an alarm.  I even turned my phone to silent so no emails/texts/calls would disrupt my slumber.  When we all finally climbed out of bed, Emilia and I got dressed and headed off to Shelbyville.  I had to go to the fabric store to purchase supplies for some new orders (I'm sure I will post about them soon- I'm excited!) and I wanted to start fabric store memories with E.  My mom has been dragging me to fabric stores my whole life...and I didn't always love it growing up.  But, now when I think back, I cherish those memories.   She was a very good girl and such a big helper. ;-) 

I had to sneak this picture while driving to Shelbyville.  I love how she always crosses her legs while sitting, and I think it's so sweet when she "reads" the DVD cases.  If you look closely, you'll see her favorite necklace.  I lucked out that it even matched her outfit! ;-)

Once we returned home, it was time to start finishing up some laundry and organizing the guest room a little.  The guest room is more of a "catch all"- that is where my steals of deals sit until I am ready to wash them, sort them, etc.  Jason gets annoyed with that room a lot, so it was time to get it back in shape.  Again, I had my little helper, so things went a little slower than they would have otherwise.  But, I really love goofing off with Emilia and watching how much she is growing.  She is really getting the hang of dressing herself and is very proud every time she does it.  I posted a pic on facebook of one of her outfits from Saturday...she is just going to LOVE me when I pull all these pics back out for her wedding slide show some day...

That's right, she has on 2 pairs of pants, a tutu, wings and ONE glove.  She was "flying" all over the house and this was the best I could do at capturing this funny outfit!  Elise posted on FB "Project Runway here we come!" and honestly, I would be SO proud if she ended up there some day.  For this fashion style?  Maybe not, but I believe her creativity will take her some place wonderful.

We also had a Funny Faces Contest...who do you think won?? (O:

We finished our lazy Saturday off with ice cream at Culver's.  As you can see, Emilia enjoyed hers! ;-)

Sundays at our house are hectic and tiring, but also one of the best days of the week.  It is on Sunday that I am reminded of God's power and how He is constantly at work in our lives.  We have been in Herrick over a year now and I am so amazed by what God is doing here.  Not everything is perfect, but we are growing and bringing people to Christ.  Those are the growing pains I am glad to be a part of!!  We had a church cook out last night.  While attendance was low (it was really hot and Jason made a point of saying we would be outside most of the evening), we had a lot of fun with those who did come brave the heat.  I thank God daily for the blessings he showers on me, mostly in the form of relationships.  I am a social creature (shocking, I know) and sometimes it can get lonely out here.  I miss my friends and sometimes ache for a girls night.  Slowly but surely, he is bringing ladies into my life out here.  They will never replace my dear friends from home, but I'm so thankful for them.

Anyway, I sort of got stuck on a little tangent there.  And now my lunch hour is over...

I hope each of you made some great family memories this weekend too.  The smiles we shared this weekend are definitely what gets me through the work day. (O:


  1. oh friend! i miss you! i'm *not really that social a person, and i certainly don't live out in the boonies, but the no car, newborn baby situation makes me feel pretty isolated too! If a girl's night gets in the works, let me know!
    so much fun that you took Emilia to the fabric store- today i was thinking maybe SOMEday i'll get to go back there, or get my machine out again :O)
    glad that you had a free family weekend and ate at the table- those are the best memories!

  2. So glad you had a good, relaxing weekend! Seems like it wasn't too terribly long ago that you would have loved to have a busy weekend. So glad God is putting some great people in your life!
    And I hope your day at work got better=)