Friday, July 22, 2011

System Overload vs Re-energized Spirit!

So, I had fully intended on writing this post about feeling overloaded and overwhelmed by technology lately.  I feel like between facebook, email, texting and my newest love, Pinterest, I am hooked to the internet and cannot just sit and be still.  I spend way too much time checking status and pinning.  Last night I could hardly even sleep because my mind was racing.  I kept thinking my phone was dinging one notification sound or another.  It was ridiculous.  But then today, to pass the time at work, I started looking around on Pinterest again (such an addict after about 2 days!)...and I think I should refocus my attention to "all things in moderation".  Stay with me on this one...

The more time I spend on this site, the more I decide I love it.  It differs from my other addiction (facebook), in that it is actually Inspiring. Encouraging. Creative.  I have felt more inspired to be be creative in the past 2 days than I have in a long, long time.  This site is all about sharing great ideas and cultivating stronger passions/interests within yourself.  This isn't "all about me" and isn't so self-involved.  The other thing I love, is I don't have to think up anything to "google" about.  I have come across more helpful tutorials and articles this week than I could have dreamed to look for otherwise.  One photography article has really hit me today:  "21 Things You Can Do Today to Change Your Photography Forever".  This article is real and straight-forward.  I love how encouraging the author is, while telling you like it is.  I learned there are definitely some areas I need to work on. 

The main idea I'm going to put into action TODAY is starting a Facebook Fan Page for my photography.  Until this moment, I had myself convinced I couldn't put one together unless I was going to become a "Professional Photographer".  This is SO not the case!  The author points out that this is a great way to stay motivated because we all love to hear our friends and family comment on our work.  Since almost anyone/everyone is a photographer these days, I just felt like I would really need to get "better" before I started putting my stuff out there on a separate page...but I was really, really wrong!  This goes hand in hand with a conversation Jason and I had yesterday.  I was still mulling over "business" names- mostly to avoid calling it "Annie Warren Photography" boring!  I really like what he had to say: "If you really love one name more than the rest, just use it.  It doesn't matter how many other people have it; if it's the one you love, it's the one to use".  Later, I did add "Lifesong Photography" to my pinterest site.  I had trouble getting many of my photos to load, but at least I took that first step.

All of this to say, I am tired of my self-doubt.  It's time to step out of my comfort zone and take some new risks.  No one was ever rewarded for sitting on their butts!  (But, I also intend to cut my social network time WAaaay down when I'm home!)


  1. I love Pinterest for all of those same reasons! It inspires me to try new, fun, and creative things. Did you start your fan page? I will so join it! I also LOVE your photography name. It is perfect.

  2. Gah, you caught me! I have not started a photography page yet. I thought I would kick it off with your family's photos! Thanks for the encouragement about the name too...The more I think about it, the more I love it. It is just so fitting for what I want my photography to capture! Thanks again (O: