Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Ribbons and Rejoicing!

This past weekend I was blessed to participate in part of a local Women's Retreat.  Several months ago, a coworker asked if I would be interested in hosting a session at the retreat doing something crafty.  After much discussion (and praying for courage, lol), I agreed to teach a class called "The How-To's of Hairbows".  I was completely petrified of being in front of 6-15 ladies at a time, but I knew I should follow God's prompting...right out of my comfort zone.  I am SO glad I did!

This retreat is really wonderful- so much better than I was expecting.  (That isn't nice to say, but it's the truth.  It was in a small town, and I didn't have high expectations.  Boy, was I wrong!!)

I planned to teach each class (3 sessions with only 6 ladies per class, whew!) how to put together a flower clip and also a korker bow.  We dubbed the korker bow the "Salvation Bow"- using all the colors from the salvation bracelets we used to make as kids.  I also handed out corresponding bookmarks describing what each of the colors represented.  I thought it would be a simple and effective tool to talk about salvation with the young girls in our lives.  And they turned out so stinkin' cute!

In keeping with every time I allow God to work through me in situations where I'm scared to death, He blessed this day.  I was so encouraged by the appreciation from the ladies in my classes.  Their excitement was contagious and we really had a great time!  Once again, I was reminded that God is bigger than my fears and he will never give me more than I can handle with His help.  I love this type of reminder because it helps me look at the big picture and know that just as He helps me in the smallest of things, He will do so even more in the great things.  I pray I always continue to seek His will and do whatever I can to spread the joy I have in Him.  To God be the Glory!

Have a great day! (O:


  1. So proud of you for doing something out of your comfort zone! I'm sure it was awesome and that everyone loved it:O) did someone take pictures?!

  2. how are there NO pictures? seriously.
    and i am so proud of you for stepping way out of your comfort zone. i'm sure your face was back to it's normal color by the third group!