Friday, December 23, 2011

First Little Glimpse

A while back  Jason came across a couple blogs of other couples who are currently living on Saipan!!  He has been following them for a while now and I finally remembered to have him send me the links.  It has been really neat to read through how their day-to-day lives go as well as catch a couple sneak peeks of what the school's apartments look like!  I feel slightly stalker-ish reading through their personal info, but hey- that's what blogging is for, right?!  One of the blogging husbands (I think it was Brian, of Brian and Rachel, as seen here) participated in an on-island triathalon.  So naturally, Jason is super pumped about training for one once we get there!  I think I may stick to light yogging (haha), but I'm glad he is excited about it.  The other couple's blog is here' their names are Grant and Kara.

Both couples seem really nice and very centered in Christ.  They all attend the church Jason will be working at and we will be attending (duh).  From what I can tell, there is a pretty close group of girls that are all teachers out there.  It would be nice to have some ladies around my age to meet.  I don't think any of them have bambinos, so our idea of "activities" may differ slightly.  But still, we all know I'm a people person and I'm excited at the potential of people!

Either way, I explained it to Jason that it was encouraging to see the closeness those women have.  It encourages me that hopefully this sense of community and togetherness is a church-wide thing.  Hopefully we can make friends within the church quickly.  That was one of my biggest struggles when we moved to Herrick.  I am definitely the kind of girl who needs social interaction regularly and sometimes it's hard to cultivate relationships being the newbie.  My hope is that since there will be other new teachers arriving, that meeting new people and making friends won't be so hard.

On a less inspiring (and kind of vain) note...when/if you look through either/both will probably notice quite a bit of perspirartion upon these lovely people's foreheads.  Does this have me worried?  Of course!  It was probably just the gentle little reminder I needed that I'm moving to 24/7 Summer Land.  I've been stocking up on tank tops and bermuda shorts since fall and I think I'm covered there.  I hope to drop some weight before the move--is there anything worse than being sweaty AND feeling fat??  I am easing back in to Lean Cuisines and salads for lunch and plan to start hitting the running/exercising hard after the holidays.  (Wish me luck!)  Also, I noticed all the girls have long, long hair.  It's usually pulled back in pony tails.  So it has taken me back to my original ponder of cutting my hair short before we go.  I don't want to always have my hair up in a pony tail, but I also don't want it to never fit in one either.  How's that for indecisive?  Like I said, this was my vain moment.  Thanks for indulging me. ;-)

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