Thursday, February 9, 2012

A Little Surprise

Tomorrow morning, my husband will board a plane headed far, far away.  He is going to Adu Dhabi for a 2-Week Leadership Seminar.  (Yes, that's right- he's going all Sex and the City 2 on me!  I told him to try and ride a camel if he can...)  If you take a little look at your day planner, you can count the days and see he will be gone on a big RED day.  Valentine's Day.  We are not huge celebrators of this holiday as it is, but it also happens to be a special day for us- something Jason refers to as our "Valeversary".  (He would totally kill me if he knew I just gave that secret away...please don't tell!)  So, even though our wedding anniversary is in April, we still always make mention of this day because it is the day we officially started dating, back in 2006.  *awww*

I have been working through some ideas of how to send a little love to him/with him for his trip- especially because I know he is not looking forward to being away from Emilia and I for that long.  I have been pinning an idea here and there, but nothing I was overly excited about.  Then it hit me!  This morning I remembered that is shutting down in April (isn't that horribly sad!?) and that even their premium stuff was free until then.  Soo, I searched through my hard drive(s) for a handful of my favorite photos- some of just Emilia, some of Jason and Emilia, I think I even snuck into one or two.  So, I took these photos and added text to them in picnik.  I went with an "I love you because.." theme.  It seemed fitting for a Vday gift.  Don't you agree?  (O:  I would love to share them all with you, but there are about 20 here are a couple of my favorites:

They aren't anything uber fancy and some of you (*ahem, Jaime) might even call me corny.  But I tried to think of something he would be glad to open so far away with a lot of time away left.  I knew seeing our little girl's happy smile would be about the best I could give him.  I am going to slide these into a little photo album and wrap it up with a note directing him to open on 2/14.  Whether he makes it until then is a gamble!  I'm also taking a risk posting this before he leaves, but I'm fairly certain he has never even seen my I *hope* he doesn't decide to check it out between now and then!!  (O:

Are you doing anything fun/surprise/corny for a loved one this season?


  1. *ahem* i LOVE it!!!!!! love everything about it! and i love this corny-version-of-annie. dead-inside-annie would never have done something like this.

    *and abu-dahbi!!!! for real?!?!? talked a bout a dream locale!

  2. Aw, thanks friend! Haha, I'm glad my growing corny-ness isn't driving you away. I'm pretty dead inside still, but getting better. (I choked up a little last night watching BRIDE WARS...what??)

    And, I Know Right! He said the seminar is pretty intense- even their meals are part of this. So he might not get to see any sights while he is there. I have also been told that the GB director wants ALL his missionaries to attend this seminar so maybe I will get to go sometime later this year! (I already told J that I WILL be purchasing a SATC2 dress and riding a camel!!) (O:

  3. Annie~I saw the pix on Pinterest & followed them to your blog! I love them (the pix & blog). Super cute! I do not know "dead inside" Annie. lol Must be a personality I haven't met yet. ;) I miss chatting w/ you & your sunny perspective. Happy Valentines Dear Friend! Hugs! Love ya! Michelle B.

  4. these are all adorable! loved seeing the shots i hadn't before:)