Saturday, February 11, 2012

Personalized Photo Valentine's Day Card

I am a big fan of personalizing cards and gifts as often as possible.  Why mail out cheap cardstock Disney Princess cards for Valentine's Day when I can just as easily create my own card to send?  So that is exactly what I did!  Here is what I will be sending out to Grandparents this weekend:

These photos are from a little session I did with Emilia last fall, to showcase my final product as part of the Scrap Tutu Tutorial I put together.  I wanted to make the most of our time playing at the park, so I grabbed a couple extra props and planned to take extra photos for other projects.  Thinking ahead to Christmas and beyond, I put together the little sign she is holding.  It is just a piece of white posterboard and letter cutouts (both can be found at your local dollar store).  One side, as you can see, says "I Love You" and the other side says "Joy. Peace. Love".  (That side was, of course, for our Christmas photo card.)  To stabilize these against a bouncy 2.5 year old, I taped the signs to either side of one of our wooden puzzle bases.

I love the bright, cheery colors of Emilia's outfit and her bubbly, fun personality really shined during this session.  I picked out a couple favorite shots and then headed over to Picnik to start putting my card together.  (I know I have said this before, and I will probably say it again, but I'm so sad this site is shutting down in April.  I love using it for quick fix-ups- it's super user friendly and quicker than fumbling around in Photoshop.  Take a few minutes and check it out.  You've got about 2 months left to work on ideas!)

So, from my family to yours- Happy Valentine's Day! I hope you are inspired to create your own personalized card to send out.  (O:

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  1. So cute! I love the colors. I'm going ton look at Picnik. I have been searching for a way to make personalized birthday invites for Jude. Maybe this will be the place? I hope! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Thanks Alisha! I was thinking about using Picnik for E's birthday invitations too. That gets a little tricky because they don't have just blank templates. But if you have a photo that is off center where you could add wording on one side, that could work. I hope you figure something cute out! (O:

  3. Hi Annie,
    Thanks for your comments on my blogs! It has been fun to read your blog as well! I enjoy hearing your thoughts about preparing to come to Saipan. I also loved your zumba blog and yes there is a zumba following in saipan. Hope all is well!