Wednesday, January 18, 2012

10 Things That Make You Uniquely Beautiful

I was just hopping around from blog to blog when I came across something I wanted to share.  The blog is called "Beauty in the Storm".  The name caught my interested right away and I love this part of her welcome:  "Our true heart is shown in the storms of life"- isn't that so true?  I want to be a woman whose heart remains beautiful and pure during hard times.  I am thankful for this reminder.

Her post from Sunday has the same title as what I am posting now, "10 Things Things That Make You Uniquely Beautiful".  At first, I was unsure what this list would contain, if it was a letter to someone, something someone had told her or what.  After reading it, I'm glad to say that I find it to be a great reminder that we are all God's creations and we are ALL beautiful!

I want to list a couple of my personal favorites, but I also encourage you to visit her blog and read the complete list. 

4.  Your touch. Do you pat someone on the back when you hug? Do you rub their arm in support and love? Do your hands help a child up when they’ve fallen? Your touch shows your heart. And it’s a loving, beautiful heart.

6.  Your laugh. One of the most beautiful things on a person is to see joy and happiness in their heart spill out. Whether your laugh is high-pitched, loud, or full of repetitions – it’s  a reflection of all that is good and merry and right.

9.  Your personality. That sweetness, diligence, tenacity, patient and forgiving heart….that bubbly outlook on life, that inquisitive nature  - those are beautiful. God wants to use those in you – let them flourish.

Sometimes God blesses us in ways that seem random, such as happening upon a stranger's blog.  Who knows what blesssing He may have in store for you today! (O:


  1. Thanks for sharing my post. It's interesting to see which points spoke to you the most personally. May you feel beautiful today! :)

  2. i just did some blog stalking, finding a Saipan blog you follow and hopping around to other saipan blogs they follow. um... someone caught and then ate an octopus! whoa. maybe you should consider becoming vegetarian! (i would have to... i shouldn't live on a small island since i don't eat seafood)

  3. oh, and this post gave me warm fuzzies.