Thursday, January 5, 2012

Our Saipan Blog!

I almost forgot that Jason had this blog going...whoopsie daisy!  We(HE) started this blog right when we made our official decision to go and started sharing the news.  It has the story of how we came to understand God's calling and everything that has happened since.  You really should check it out- there are so many little "coincidences" that all add up to one Awesome "God Thing". 

I'm still deciding whether I will keep my personal blog as well as take over the updates on our "Thoughts From Tomorrow" blog once we are on island...I have a tendency to neglect this poor little guy, but I also will have more time to keep up with both of them- I plan to actually mark it as a To Do on my calendar!  I like having my own personal blog to help track my personal growth as well as blog about things I find interesting, etc.  The Saipan blog will be mostly for our support partners to keep up with how our ministry is going.  Plus, I don't exactly have a huge following over here at Love.Laugh.Live, so it's a good place to keep my thoughts separate.  There, it's decided.

Anyway, I hope all 5 of you will check out our Saipan blog, if you haven't already.  And hey!  Tell a friend! ;-)

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  1. please keep up with your personal blog! we will miss you lots and it will help :O) i'll check out the Saipan blog again too:O)