Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Friends, Flowers and Fun!

How are those for 3 Fabulous F's?  Now there are 4!  ;-)

This past weekend I enjoyed a great Saturday with 10 beautiful ladies and a couple of our kiddos.  As I mentioned here, my sister, momma and I are working on a really cool quilt for me to take to Saipan this July.  My sister had the awesome idea of asking all my friends and family to be a part of this project by helping to make the fabric and/or crochet flowers to cover the front of the quilt.  What a cool idea!  I love that I'm taking little bits of my favorite people half way around the world.  It will be a great comfort to have on tough days and a pleasant reminder every day of the relationships and encouragement I have so far away.

My friend Margo, was gracious enough to open her home for our Crafty Friend Day!  We invited lots of lovely ladies to join us for a few lessons on flower making, chatting with friends, and yummy snacks.  Many of my friends were aprehensive about their levels of craftiness, but I assured them were many options that were all relatively easy.

I caught a few photos of my girls hard at work! (Erin came after I had already put my camera away, but she was there too!)  (O:

Sherry, Lacey, Margo and Michelle  (Michelle and Sherry drove 2 hours to join us!)

Elise and Jessca

Alyssa, Brooklynn, and Clare


Once we were all finished with our flowers, we laid them out on the sheet I'll be using to get an idea of what it will look like.  There are still many flowers to create, but I love how it is coming together!

On my way home after this super fun day, I really got lost in my thoughts about how thankful I am for these ladies.  God has blessed me with an amazing group of friends and it is sometimes overwhelming to think about how much we all mean to each other.  Like I said before, many of them weren't all that excited about making a flower, but they still came and tried (and Did Great!).  Because they knew it was important to me.  What God reminded me in that moment is that it doesn't matter where we live, only that we love.  I know I will use this quilt often while on Saipan and I cannot wait to get lost in fun memories of each friend who helped put this quilt together.  Once we are a little closer to completion, I hope to do another post remarking of the specialness of each and every one of these awesome ladies (and anyone else who contributes between now and then).  It will be a great reminder of the great people in my life.  While I may not be blessed with a good enough memory, I am Totally blessed with the best of friends!!

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  1. What an awesome idea!! You do have a great group of friends. Can't wait to see how the quilt turns out!