Thursday, May 17, 2012

Small Style :: Refashion Victory

As it goes with almost any crafter I know, the "crafts to do" pile is ever-growing and the "crafts completed" pile stays rather short.  It doesn't help that we are in the middle of packing, shipping, selling and storing all our belongings for the move to Saipan.  Add to that the sewing machine I am borrowing from my mother-in-law is older and I have trouble getting it to cooperate with certain stiches (read: I don't know exactly how to operate it except for straight lines...).

That being said, please share in my excitement over the toddler tee to dress refashion I actually completed recently!  This was one of many projects I hauled to my momma's house (and her fancy-pants sewing machine) a couple weeks ago.  I am proud to say I completed every. single. project. I brought with me that day! (O:

This is Miss Emilia on Mother's Day:
Her dress and hairbow were both handmade by me. 

The tshirt necklace was made by Emilia and her Aunt Clare. ;-)

The only part of her outfit that wasn't handmade are these adorable pink peeptoe sandals.  They were part of a sweeping victory I had last year at the Gap Outlet.  I purchased over 10 pairs of sandals and flip flops for under $2 a pair!  (I had to wait SO LONG for these to fit, haha!)

Daddy can always make her laugh and smile. (O:

(I'm not exactly sure what this pose was about, other than being done with my mini photo shoot.)

If you are interested in making one of these adorable little dresses for your little sweetheart, this is the PIN I followed for easy instructions.

My sister is much craftier than I, so she already knew how to make the necklace.  But, for those of us who need to see how it's done, this tutorial seems pretty easy to follow.

I am linking up to Mama Loves Papa's Small Style again this week.  (O:


  1. wow! that is awesome. wish i was crafty like that. pink is definitely her color.

  2. Yeah, I echo Claudia above. I am so not crafty.
    Love the outfit and nice score on the sandals!

  3. Oh your girl is so cute. And, Saipan? That's totally in my neck of the woods. Sort of. I've heard a lot of good things about life there. We knew a few people who lived there for a while and LOVED it.

  4. Wow, i am impressed with your craftiness!

  5. Annie this entire outfit is golden! i love it all! the peeptoes are amazing and the dress turned out amazing- accessorized perfectly:)

  6. I love killer deals like you got at the Gap Outlet. I wish I were as craft as you to construct a dress. She's adorable!