Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Update :: 15 Weeks

I am 15 weeks pregnant as of today and still feeling good.  Not much has changed since last week, but here are the highlights:

*Baby is now about the size of an apple!

*Still not nauseous, still tired.

*No new cravings.  I did feed the fried fish craving last night (YUM!!) and continue to drink apple juice almost daily.  Oddly, I haven't been very interested in food this week.  Nothing sounds all that good.  I'm still eating, it's just not as fun.  Haha!

*Weight:  Holding strong, no weight gain!  (I just wanted to mention that I know it probably seems like I am overly concerned about weight gain.  I really over-did it in this area while pregnant with Emilia.  So I am trying to do better this time of watching what I eat and exercising regularly.  Also, I started this pregnany a little overweight, so I'm not supposed to gain as much during the pregnancy.  Don't worry about me- I'm still eating plenty; I am just trying to make better decisions this time around!)

*According to Jason and my mom (and me, if I am being honest), my belly has started to poke out a little.  This is probably my least favorite stage because I don't look pregnant...just like I gained a few pounds.  I don't like the "chubby belly preggo stage" and hope it passes quickly.  My regular clothes still fit well, you can just notice my belly more than before.

*Zumba is starting to kick my butt!  I have to modify several moves and I Really don't like having to do that.  I want to be able to give 110%, but I know it isn't a good idea for me, or the baby.  So I do all the moves I can and modify the rest.  Again, since I do not exactly look pregnant yet, I feel like announcing to the class that "I am pregnant, not just a wuss".  I doubt anyone else cares about this as much as I do anyway. ;-)

In other news:

The search rages on for a good double jogging stroller.  I have been looking into a friend's recommendation about the Baby Jogger City Mini Double Stroller.  From what I am told, they actually fold down to the size of a regular single stroller.  This would be great because we would be able to take it on the planes- not just on our initial move to Saipan, but anytime we visit surrounding areas.  The trouble is- these strollers are EXPENSIVE!!  Way outside our budget, for sure.  I have been scouring Craiglist and even eBay for a good deal on one.  I feel like I am really obsessing over this one item, and maybe I am.  The reason I am overly concerned about finding a good double jogger is because Walmart does not ship strollers overseas.  So far, everything else I have looked up (pack n play, swing, car seat, etc.) will ship for $1.97 each (YAAY!!).  But, strollers are just too big.  I don't really want to test my luck about finding one once on island, so I am trying to plan ahead.  I honestly don't entirely care about the brand, as long as it has kid trays and a swivel wheel.  But, I am trying to find the best (and most cost-effective) option for our family.

J and I also discussed baby's sleeping options this week.  I looked at a couple mini-cribs and came across a review that mentioned putting a mini crib mattress in a pack n play.  The reviews said it fit perfectly.  Soo, I think we might give this option a try.  Baby will be sleeping in our room for who-knows-how-long (only a 2 bedroom apartment and we don't think Emilia will do well with a roommate...she's not a great sleeper).  But our room is pretty small, so we were worried about how much space a full-sized crib would take up.  A pack n play seems like a perfect solution.  It is small and with the added 3" crib mattress, it will have the same level of comfort as in a crib.  That's the opinion of the week, at any rate.

I have a little collection of white onesies already underway, yay!  I decided to start looking for them at yard sales, clearance, etc. so that once we know the gender of our baby, I can start dyeing some, appliqueing others, and fill the wardrobe this way.  If we have a girl again, I have most of the onesies we will need.  But if we have a boy, I am seriously lacking.  (Notice I didn't say empty-handed...yes, I have a tote *or two* of cute little boy clothes I have picked up over the years, just in case we ever had a boy.  I'm THAT girl.)

I have an appointment this coming Monday (5/9) for a regular check up.  I think I will get the results of my blood tests and that should be about it.  I am trying to psych myself up to ask for a sneak ultrasound (which my doctor is known for doing from time to time).  I want to test this theory I was told about by my friend Lacey- The Nub Theory.  She says she was able to tell her second baby was going to be a boy at 12 weeks.  She was right!  I have only done minimal research on the subject, but I think it would be fun to test the theory.  I am planning to ask my doctor if she has ever heard of it and say I would love to test the theory if we had time for a quick u/s.  Wish me luck! (O:

OK, so I guess a thing or two happened this week, now that I look back at this post! Haha!  I hope I didn't bore you too much! ;-)


  1. Thanks for updating us! This is an exciting time for your family: Saipan and a baby!!!!!

  2. Nathan slept in a Porta-Crib until he was ready for a twin bed. Didn't hurt him a bit. We would have loved to have a Pack and Play but I don't think they were invented yet!